27 January 2014

New ExpPrint Release - V6.1.1.1

As mentioned in our earlier post, this update of ExpPrint eliminates the general exception message that you’d have seen had you encountered the same situation as our customer who reported the issue.

Now that we understand the scenario that can give rise to this exception, we’ve added a specific handler for it that will suggest you try the file with ExpPrint on a 64-bit version of Windows (if you’re running on a 32-bit version).

Please note that ExpPrint failing to load a large listing is not a common situation. ExpPrint is capable of processing very large listings on all 32-bit Windows operating systems. The likelihood is that only large storage systems with listings comprising of hundreds of thousands of files may encounter this situation, and they will (I hope) be eminently placed to have a 64-bit version of Windows that they can run ExpPrint on.

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